Your own dashboard that displays real time summaries and notifications on scheduled auditing, monitoring, cleaning and maintenance activities, KPIs and other critical asset data.


Visualise and explore your assets on integrated spatial mapping using real GPS location data. Build an Asset Profile for each asset providing all information and data relating to each asset’s location, type and capacity and more.

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Perform in-depth analysis for cost benefit and life cycle costings of assets and determine asset cleaning or maintenance frequencies. Understand your assets better and make better asset management decisions with real world data.


Schedule asset management activities in your personal Assetlogue calendar. Know when and where jobs are being carried out or planned for. Adjust work loads and work times as necessary to suit your work teams.


Share assets among different parties and stakeholders (e.g. contractors, local authorities, and property managers) connecting each with an Asset Profile, Action Items, and Reports. Support the self regulation of assets and asset compliance through better transparency and traceability.

Maintenance Reports

Completed maintenance activities are displayed within Asset Profiles direct from the field operators so you get real time visibility on what's being collected and how its is catalogued against each of your assets.

Available on any device

Available on any device

Assetlogue is available on all your devices, anywhere.

What our clients say

Operations Supervisor - Cleanaway

Aaron Operations Supervisor - Cleanaway

"Assetlogue has been a game changer. We spend significantly less time on administrative reporting and have true visibility over all our field maintenance activities at any given point in time. Our customers now also have immediate access to all their asset data and reporting."

WSUD Compliance Officer at Blacktown City Council

RUSSELL WSUD Compliance Officer at Blacktown City Council

"Assetlogue has not only helped us to comprehensively understand our Local Authority owned assets and works carried out by our contractors, but we can also manage compliance of privately owned assets in our municipality.